What Are Some Of The Procedures Included In A Non-Invasive Complete Mommy Makeover?

What Are Some Of The Procedures Included In A Non-Invasive Complete Mommy Makeover

As any new mother can attest, giving birth is a physically and emotionally taxing experience. While the joys of motherhood are unparalleled, many women struggle with the changes that pregnancy and childbirth can bring to their bodies. This is where mommy makeovers come in. In recent years, these procedures have surged in popularity as a means of helping women restore their pre-baby bodies. 

However, as the trend evolves, it’s clear that more and more women are looking for non-surgical alternatives. This shift in preference is not surprising given the many stresses new mothers face, both financial and emotional. At MediMorph, we understand that surgery may not always be an option, and we are proud to offer a range of non-invasive procedures that can help you achieve the desired results. 

Whether you’re in the early stages of motherhood or well into the journey, our complete mommy makeovers can provide some much-needed “me” time and help you feel like your old self again. Here are some non-invasive complete mommy makeover options we offer:

1. EMFemme

One of the most exciting non-invasive procedures offered at MediMorph is EMFemme. This cutting-edge treatment is designed specifically for women who want to restore vaginal tightness and improve sexual satisfaction after childbirth. Using electromagnetic technology, EMFemme stimulates the muscles in the pelvic floor, increasing blood flow and improving muscle tone. 

Not only does this result in increased sexual pleasure, but it can also alleviate issues such as urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness. What sets EMFemme apart from other vaginal rejuvenation procedures is its non-invasive nature. 

No incisions or anesthesia are required, and patients can return to their daily activities immediately after treatment. Many women report feeling an improvement in sexual function after just one session, with optimal results achieved after a series of treatments.

2. EmSculpt Neo

Another exciting option for non-surgical mommy makeovers is EmSculpt Neo. This treatment is designed to target stubborn areas of fat and build muscle tone, helping you achieve a sculpted, toned physique without surgery. 

EmSculpt Neo uses electromagnetic energy and radiofrequency technology to induce supramaximal muscle contractions, causing your muscles to perform 20,000 sit-ups or squats in just 30 minutes. This results in increased muscle mass, reduced fat, and improved definition. 

Most patients see a noticeable improvement in muscle tone and a reduction in stubborn fat after just a few sessions. If you want to achieve a toned, sculpted body without surgery, EmSculpt Neo may be just what you need to achieve your goals.

3. Emsella

Emsella is another innovative treatment offered at MediMorph for non-surgical mommy makeovers. This treatment addresses pelvic floor issues such as urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity, which can be common after childbirth. 

Emsella uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, helping to improve muscle tone and increase blood flow to the area. This results in improved bladder control, reduced urinary leakage, and increased vaginal tightness.

Many women report significant improvement in pelvic floor symptoms after just a few sessions, with optimal results achieved after a series of treatments.

4. CoolSculpting

For many women, stubborn areas of fat can be a frustrating aspect of post-pregnancy body changes. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that can help address these problem areas by freezing and destroying fat cells. 

The procedure uses controlled cooling technology to target specific areas of fat, such as the abdomen, thighs, or arms, without harming surrounding tissues. The body then naturally eliminates fat cells over time, resulting in a slimmer, more toned appearance. 

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment requiring no anesthesia, incisions, or downtime. Many women see visible improvement in their problem areas after just one session, with optimal results achieved after a series of treatments. 

5. SkinTyte

SkinTyte is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that can help address the effects of aging and pregnancy on your skin. This innovative treatment uses infrared light to stimulate collagen production and tighten loose, sagging skin. 

Collagen is a protein essential for maintaining your skin’s structure and elasticity. Our bodies produce less collagen as we age, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. SkinTyte can help reverse these effects by stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin. 

6. Scar Treatment

Microneedling is a non-invasive treatment involving using tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin. This process stimulates the body’s natural healing response and triggers the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for healthy, radiant skin. In the case of scars, microneedling can help break up scar tissue and promote the growth of new skin cells, resulting in a smoother, more even skin texture. 

Unlike traditional scar treatments, microneedling is a safe and effective solution that can be customized to your unique needs. The treatment is quick, with little to no downtime, and can be performed on almost any body area. If you’re looking for a non-surgical solution to treat scarring, microneedling may be the perfect option. 


At MediMorph Integrative Aesthetics, we know that motherhood can take a toll on your body, leaving you less confident and less like yourself. That’s why we offer our Complete Mommy Makeovers, a comprehensive range of non-invasive, no-downtime treatments designed to help you restore your pre-baby body without the hassle of surgery. 

Our treatments include EMFemme, which uses electromagnetic waves to improve vaginal health and sexual function, EmSculpt Neo, which builds muscle and burns fat to sculpt your body, Emsella, which strengthens pelvic floor muscles and improves bladder control; CoolSculpting, which freezes and eliminates stubborn fat cells, SkinTyte, which tightens and firms skin, and scar treatment, which uses microneedling to promote the growth of new skin cells and improve the appearance of scars.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing personalized, compassionate care to every patient. We understand that being a mom is hard work, and we’re here to help you take some much-needed “me” time to feel confident and beautiful. During your consultation, we’ll work with you to create a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and goals. And with our non-invasive treatments, there’s little to no downtime, so that you can return to your busy life as a mom.

Don’t wait to start your journey to a better you. Contact MediMorph today to schedule your consultation and learn more about our Complete Mommy Makeovers. Let us help you look and feel your best, so you can focus on being the best mom possible.

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