BBL Hero

BBL Hero
BBL® HERO™ is an advanced broadband light laser system that increases energy output to reduce pigmented lesions' appearance quickly. In particular, BBL® HERO™ is ideal for advanced sun damage.

The BBL® HERO™ system works by delivering strong pulses of light to the upper dermis, which triggers biological processes that will destroy pigmented lesions. After a few days, your body naturally sheds affected skin cells, and the overall pigment of your skin is brighter and younger-looking. You can use BBL® HERO™ on most areas of the body, including the chest, neck, arms, back, legs, and more.BBL® HERO™ treatments can help create a more radiant, authentic you! Contact MediMorph today to schedule your consultation appointment to learn if BBL® HERO™ treatments may be right for you!


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BBL® HERO™ treatments can benefit most skin types and tones, even darker skin. Ideal candidates for BBL® HERO™ treatments are those with unwanted red or brown spots or pigmentation on the surface of their skin, often caused by years of sun damage.

Following a BBL® HERO™ treatment, patients usually see improvements in their skin within one to two weeks. You should notice a brighter, glowing complexion. BBL® for acne may need multiple treatments.

Ideally, you should receive four traditional BBL treatments every three months or two to three BBL HERO treatments every four months to reverse sun damage and boost collagen and elastin production in your skin. This treatment series should be repeated annually for best results.

You should have no downtime after your BBL® HERO™ treatment—mild redness. You may have mild swelling and redness, and brown spots may darken before resolving. Makeup can be worn immediately following treatment.

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